Do I need to choose the wrap color before I book or can I choose it the day of?
With so many options available, we need to know your color when booking to ensure we have enough in stock on your install day.

How long will my wrap last?
Gloss wraps can last 7-10 years if you take care of it well and store it indoors.  Much like paint, a wrap’s life span is heavily dependent on how you store your vehicle, how you take care of it/clean it, and the conditions you drive in. 

Will the wrap destroy my paint?
As long as your paint is in good condition when the vinyl is placed on, the paint should remain in similar condition when you have the vinyl removed (with the proper methods). 

Do I need to change anything on my insurance?
The color of your vehicle does not need to be changed on your insurance, your vehicle’s paint is still the same color. However you are welcome to confirm with your broker if you are worried.

How long will my full vehicle wrap take?
A full wrap takes roughly 5 days.

Are you open on weekends? 
We only wrap Monday to Friday (our team needs some rest too).

My car has chipped/flaking paint or rust. Can you just wrap over it?
Wraps aren’t a solution for damage. We recommend you repair any damage before getting your vehicle wrapped to get the most out of the investment. 

I had some body work done on my vehicle. What state does it need to be in to be wrapped?
The vehicle needs to be painted or primed and paint ready to be wrapped.

I have rock chips/ scratches on my vehicle. Will they show?
Vinyl is very thin, so it doesn’t hide damage. If the scratches or chips are deep you will still see them after your vehicle is wrapped.